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You're probably thinking, what is Hublo? I will answer that question.

This web page will contain blog posts. Maybe more. Just phun stuph.


What is Hublo?

Hublo is many things. It is a website. It is also a very small country.


Tell me more about Hublo as a website.

The very beginning of Hublo started out like this: I was in the sixth grade. I discovered a trick where I could make a

a website by saving a notepad file as .html and opening it in Internet Explorer. This impressed my friend, G-Dog.

He suggested I make a name for it, so I selected the file name and just threw my hand on the keyboard and I just so

happened to type "Hublo" Of the infinite combinations of things I could've typed, I had created a beautiful new word.


I decided to make things a bit more professional, so I went to weebly and created http://maxshublo.weebly.com. It is still

available on the web for archival purposes. It lasted for only a brief time in 2013, and despite a hacking incident, still thrived.

G-Dog also made a website inspired by Hublo: http://www.lublo.weebly.com.


Now tell me about Hublo as a country.

We had moved on to a new school for 7th and 8th grade. We still got to go outside for "recess", but there was no equipment, just

a parking lot. And something much more beautiful.


There was a little boxed area with gravel grounds, a table, and a trash can. Beyond that was a small field with a crab apple tree, I think.

At least that's what everyone said it was. But in our language, it is called a crap apple tree.


We conquered this land and named it after the website we love. We had successful endeavors in tobacco farming and exported water.

We also had a national sport, Hubloian tag.


But unfortunately, we went on the trail of tears to high school, away from our homeland. It pains us everyday knowing there is a

new generation of idiots treading on our land. We did return briefly for one evening, but it was only me, Ian, and Michael. G-Dog was



Enough yammering. Here's the fun stuff:



Bobap Horsehead #1 (future comics will be better)



12/15/17 - I performed at Coffee C. tonight. It wasn't an open mic, it was a benefit for my music class, which showcased students who can do music things. My performance went okay except at first, one of my cables kept fuzzing up and dropping out the audio. But other than that it went smoothly and I enjoyed performing actually. Also sidenote note: IT'S NOT TOO LATE TO SAVE NET NEUTRALITY. Go on Battle For The Net to see what you can do, and spread the word.

11/13/17 - It's been a while since I've updated, but no one reads this anyway so whatever. Anyway, I'm here to promo a new band I'm in, Two Feet Off Mars. I am in two bands now. We formed this band back in January and got started writing a song, but we stopped doing stuff for a while for some reason. Then, 12 days ago from when I am writing this, we did our first ever performance at an open mic at our school. It wasn't much of an open mic, really, it was just a room with a stage where actors practice plays. There weren't even any actual mics. But anyway, we played "For the First Time" by Mac DeMarco, Ben sang and played guitar, and I played keys. I brought a synth, but there was an upright piano there, so I used that instead. You can hear it on our website! We will record some songs, too, I'll keep you updated. Also, work on my next album has begun.

8/18/17 - If you've seen the picture on the Synth Jams page, you can see my ESQ-1 with two messed up keys. This is because I'm an idiot and broke them when I took it out of the box (it looked like this). I got it in early January, and the way I fixed it was cutting up a rubber band and placing the pieces at the top of the keys so the top part of the synth would hold them down... it was pretty janky. It looked like this. I put up with it for six months... then I finally broke down and sent it to get repaired. So I sent it in to a repair guy in late June, but I finally got it back today because it took a little while to find a part he needed. But finally, I got it back today and it's better than ever!
So, if any of you are in Ohio and need a synth/guitar/amp/whatever electronic music thing repaired, hit up Jon Garee, he's legit and has good prices too (I paid $160 for this, and it wasn't even to fix the keys, there were a couple other little things as well). Yeah, I'm being a shill. And no, I don't give a fudge.

7/23/17 - Welp, K. Coffee is officially closing, so I'm gonna have to find a new place to perform. It's what got not only me but a lot of other kids into performing, and it's sad that it will no longer be there provide such an amazing opportunity. I hope we can find somewhere else. Here's to K. Coffee, the best venue I've ever performed at!

7/21/17 - I saw Roger Waters last night, it was amazing. If you don't know who that is, he is one of the founding members of Pink Floyd, and he wrote all their best songs. Here is some video I took.

7/13/17 - Wow, I haven't updated for a while. I guess no one is reading this anyway. But just in case someone is reading this, here are some updates: I didn't perform at K. Coffee on the 8th because open mic was cancelled, so I rescheduled for the 29th. Hopefully there will be an open mic then. I heard it's closing soon, so I may have to find a new place, or just give up live performances all together.
My Ensoniq ESQ-1 is currently away for repair, and it has been away for weeks, because the guy needs to find a certain part. I miss my baby ;~;
I have only been working on stuff with my band lately, but I have been working on a song with a friend to do at the show, we may record it and put it on my next album, which I will try to release next Winter (Jan. or Feb.), and it will be longer than the others.

6/4/17 - It's summer now. It's been summer for a week. I've done a little bit of synth stuff but I kept giving up. Gotta prepare a set for K. Coffee on July 8, be there or be square

5/24/17 - AMATEUR HOUR IS COMPLETE. It will be uploaded later. I need to update my webpage but it keeps saying "This file cannot be found" '~'

5/10/17 - Dang, it's been a while. Well, Spare Songs for the Chemically Imbalanced was a smash hit. It got a ton of hits on bandcamp, Anthony Fantano gave it a light to decent 7, Aphex Twin listened to it and said it was "pretty good", and Daft Punk also listened to it and said they liked my "new direction", and that I remind them of their "younger selves", but "not as good". Jk no one gave a shiz about it. Anyway, in other news, Amateur Hour is coming soon, I started mixing Please Don't Sneeze, almost done recording Grace's Cabbage Quartet, and there's one more song I have to record but I have to do it in like one day. Also, I think I might add a "synth jam" section to the website.

4/15/17 - The performance of Spare Songs For The Chemically Imbalanced was tonight. It went okay. People were talking but they talk during every performance so whatever. Also, the E.P. was released today. Check it out on Bandcamp! Give me money! And listen to the live performance in the live section of my website! Bandcamp link

4/13/17 - I made the last track on the E.P. It's called "My Bus Just Vanished Off the Face of the Earth". Thanks to Robbi for coming up with that title. It's less aggressive than the other tracks. I still have to record a bonus track for the physical copies, though. Speaking of which, the labels have been printed. Does anyone actually read this?

4/12/17 - I made a track yesterday but I rerecorded it today. It's called "Hoot Hoot Spaghoot! Don't Put Tuna On Me". Shoutout to Zombo and Robbi for coming up with that name. I'm about to make files of the labels for the CDs and tapes and I'm gonna print them at my school tomorrow. I would sell copies online but I don't know how to handle scissors so it just looks all crappy. If someone can hit up my email with info on how to make nice looking labels then go to my contacts page, thanks in advance, hoping perchance you'll tryyyyyy.

4/10/17 - TECH IS DONE FOR THE YEAR AND I AM BACK IN THE MUSIC GAME. I'm gonna record an E.P. in one week and play the whole thing live at open mic. It's gonna be raw, oldschool acid house. Much different from the stuff I normally make. I already recorded one song for it called "The Trip". I'm pretty sure the audience won't like it but I don't give a fudge cuz it's gonna be amazing. ALL ABOARD THE HYPE TRAIN

4/5/17 - I finished a standardized test and now I'm bored so I'm updating my website. I am also working on Seussical the Musical at my school. Staying late for tech and standardized tests are not really a good combination. I just did math and I sucked at it. Oh well. I've been working on music for Amateur Hour so get hyped. Once the musical is done I can put all my focus into music, both recording and live stuff!

3/29/17 - I announced the release of a new E.P. titled "Amateur Hour". It will be different from my other releases. More guitar and less focus on the synths (but still plenty of synth!). I am recording it for my music class. I wrote a song already called "Please Don't Sneeze".

3/21/17 - I GOT A NEW SYNTH! It's a Korg MS-20 Mini. If you don't know what that is, it's an exact recreation of an MS-20, which is an analog semi-modular synth from 1978, but a little bit smaller and with MIDI added. Other than that, it's identical. IT SOUNDS AMAZING. This will be the source of many of basslines, leads, and arps from now on.

3/7/17 - Someone bought my album on bandcamp last night for $10! That was a surprise. Bandcamp takes some of the money so really I only made $8. But still. So far I have made $32 off Surreal Sun.

3/4/17 - Yesterday, with the help of a super cool internet buddy, we diagnosed the problem - the circiut board in the drum machine is warped! So I stuck an 8-track in the machine between the circuit board and the top of the case to hold it flat. Then, I stacked my projector on it to put some weight on it. Hopefully, after a few days, it'll flatten and become not warped!

2/26/17 - Tonight was the last performance of the play. It went pretty well. Also, the snare drum voice decided to start working on my drum machine, so that's pretty swell! But it still has this issue where it makes this really annoying high pitched tone while it's on - it's actually the clave not running through the envelope. I managed to fix it... by slamming my fist down on it. But it was only a temporary fix. I've got an internet buddy to help me out tomorrow... or I guess today... it's 2:07 am.

2/24/17 - I'm going to be running sound for a play tonight. It's called Too Much Light Makes the Baby Go Blind. It's 30 short plays in 60 minutes, and the audience decides what play will be performed next. Some of the plays are funny, some are sort of artsy, some are borderline pretentious. Also, I ordered a drum machine from the 70's on eBay a while back, but it doesn't work, so I will attempt to fix it. Unfortunately I know nothing about electronics. But I'll see what I can do. I'll keep you updated.

2/19/17 - Changed Hublo to a mini blog page because I'm too lazy to regularly add comics and animations. Also, I did my first live performance today. You can hear it in the live section. People were talking and that made me nervous. I don't think the audience was into it. Most everyone else did stuff with guitars or ukes and here I was being weird with ambient stuff. I don't think I'll be doing live solo stuff for a while.